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I'm Josh Newton

I work with companies and individuals to create high-performing teams and leaders by identifying people’s unique design. I also host a podcast all about the importance of self-awareness and focusing on your strengths.

The most successful and passionate people in the world have 2 things in common. They are self-aware and authentic. They know who they are and they don’t try to be anything else. I believe that everyone has a purpose and a unique set of abilities that is their value proposition and contribution to the world. My passion is helping people find what that is and put their potential into practice.

This is My Story

I began the journey of figuring out who I was in college. I first started thinking about who I was and what that ment when I found myself in a practice room with a saxophone in my hands, staring at a piece of sheet music that I could not bring my self to play.

A single thought kept going through my head: there is something wrong with me. Then I started to ask questions. Why couldn’t I get myself to practice? Why did I wait until 30 minutes before my lesson to even touch my instrument? Why didn’t I love this? What is my problem?

This was the moment that lead me to changing my major from music with a concentration in saxophone to computer information systmes. There were so many things I loved about my classes. A lot of the work was done in groups and it was for a purpose. There were deliverables and deadlines and instead of someone’s subjective oppinion of how well I played, it was about having things done and it working a certain way.

It was black and white. Binary. Like music, I was good at it and I picked it up quickly. Unlike music, I could see this being something I did as a career. I was on the right track!

5 years later I faced another moment like the one I had in the practice room at college. I was sitting in my car outside of the client and I was disapointed. Not disapointed in myself or in anyone but disapointed that the day dream I was having the entire 45 minutes of my commute hadn’t materialized. On an almost daily basis I spent my entire drive hoping for a car accident.

Yes, a car accident. Nothing serious… Just a decent fender bender that would delay me significantly. Nothing major… Just enough that it would make sense for me to go to the ER and get checked out. That’s when I realized how ridiculous my thinking was. I was HOPING to be in a car accident. Not because I hated myself but because I hated what I did 8-10 hours a day, 40-50 hours a week.

My goal is to make sure that no one else ever has to feel like I did in those moments. But if they do, to know that they aren’t broken.  They just need help finding their place.

  • Coffee 80%
  • Film Photography 60%
  • Web Development 50%
  • Multipotentialite 100%